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I decided to write a piece on Skin Health as I see them on the rise lately. I am seeing much more of such cases. In the past, i see a handful with very severe eczema. Lately i see quite a number with mild cases, mild but also disturbing. That prompts me to decide to start this series as skin health is one of the most tricky conditions to manage.

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ECZEMA is a generic term for inflammation of the skin. Sometimes it is used interchangeable as “Dermatitis” (Derma – skin, ‘titis” usually relates to inflammation). Eczema is usually a long-term chronic condition.

I am not a skin doctor, and I don’t treat skin issues. I don’t treat. 🙂 So what do i do? all the practices I have been learning and doing so far works towards putting the body in balance and then the body itself does what it needs.

I am more writing my my experience as a therapist, what I have seen in practice based on the modalities I am exposed to.

I have seen a participants coming to me with hives. Based on what I learnt in Jin Shin Jytsu , rashes, eczema are classfied under SURFACE SKIN (Stomach/Spleen energy function) projects and DEEP SKIN (Lung/Large intestine) Projects.

This is probably also why conventional holistic practices of health advocates CLEANSING/DETOX (gut/large intestines) and also to balance the gut microbiome (pre/probiotics + enzymes) to support the healing of skin issues.

JSJ’s Kidney function energy is also recommended for people with hives project. And true enough, whenever I see participants with ‘hives’ project and work on their Kidney Meridian Function energy, I do find a lot of processing going on, means the energy pathway is rather congested.

One of the key contributors to skin flare ups/breaks out is STRESS, either physical (from allergic reactions to food/substances), mental and emotional. STRESS will tax also on the kidney meridian function energy. Adrenals sits on kidneys and this pathway passes through the kidneys and the entire energy function governs stress management and the the key energy management and utilisation in the system. When we have strong Kidney meridian function energy, we have a longer life.

I am writing my train of thoughts to see how things in this universe works, based on the knowledge and experiences I have been exposed to.

Therefore the general suggestion I have for those suffering from skin challenges is to minimise sugar, meat, and breathe more deeply throughout the day (lung meridian energy function). Some people do not breathe much, and the lack of oxygen itself stresses the body.

I have seen people recovering from hives project after 3 consecutive sessions of JSJ. I have also heard people embarking on colon cleansing projects and starting on probiotics and it helped.

I have also worked with people for weeks after weeks, and we did not manage to make some progress and I have to send them on to others who can help.

My general take on cases like this is:

  1. need to optimize our immune system as a stronger immune system will increase our body’s tolerance, and hence allergy would eventually become less of an issue. It ultimately related back strongly to gut health and respiratory health. At Self-care Resources, we advocate the use of the electric potential therapy Sleep device and Platinum Wave Teachnology blanket as part of a daily regime to support our immune system.
  2. Environment-wise, due to humid Singapore, we have a environment that mould really loves. Air conditioning, carpets, leather sofas/bed frames, even cupboards can even grow mould. and if we are not aware, we are breathing in mould everyday and that can overtime greatly compromise our immune system. Therefore, allow light and circulation into your home. And further harmonizing your home with Biogeometry would greatly help.
  3. Therapy intervention wise, so far i find JSJ effective in managing the congestion and encouraging flow in the system. Lymphatic drainage is also very helpful, as it is in the same therapeutic direction of “clearing congestion and encouraging flow”. However, the length of intervention depends on the severity of the situation.
  4. Products wise, these are what i find have been very helpful ~ Sulfurzyme (MSM) supplement and Genesis Lotion (MSM) from Young Living Essential Oils. You can read about the benefits of MSM here. Many also have feedback to me, the use of RENU28 gel does bring good immediate relief and drying up of skin wounds. We do carry these at the center for sale, for the convenience of our participants.
  5. Diet wise, I generally suggest to avoid foods that further stresses the system, which means minimize sugar, caffeine, meat (during the time of flare up) and pay attention to what was eaten right before a flare-up/out-break to catch foods that are causing an allergic reaction in the system. Gluten is often discovered as one of the main culprits, though it is not ALWAYS the culprit. These are some areas to pay good attention to to minimize triggering factors,, and give the body the window to work on recovery.
  6. Be prepared though, as I have seen severe condition taking up to years to resolve, and some in mere weeks. The key is to seek early, consistent intervention, so they do not deteriorate. The earlier, the better. It takes a lot more effort and a lot more pain if things are allow to fester.
  7. Lastly, and most importantly, the ultimate long term solution is very SIMPLE. Be sure to eat real food, good food, eat just enough, sleep well (before 11pm), sleep enough, exercise, socialize, in other words, develope good lifestyle habits. Make time for work, play, rest and love. This is the pathway to good health and longevity. Yet, what is simple, may not always, be EASY.

Hope this piece of writing means something to you, feel free to drop a comment 🙂

In love and light, 🙂

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Healing in Voltage


I feel it is timely to share this again, as I sit through Vesica conference, and the session presented by Dr Jerry Tennant himself.

He shared his near-death experience from ill-health in the beginning and how his pets helped nurse him back to health led to his discovery of the realtionship between VOLTAGE & HEALING.

He wrote a few books on how the role of VOLTAGE in the healing process. I was introduced to his work by my husband. My husband is a follower of Dr Tennant’s work and showed me his Bio-modulator. He also shared his copy of the book with me.  That started my journey on learning about voltage and healing. I eventually found a self-care device that supplies good voltage for our body and easily incorprated into our lifestyle as it is to be used when we are sleeping! And that discovery made a huge impact in my life.  Last night I attend the Vesica Conference, and it was Dr Jerry Tennant’s turn to made his address on ‘Healing is Voltage”!. The following slide he shared really resonated deeply with me, so i find it timely to make this post again. 🙂




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My Favourite Parasite Product

10 Health Benefits of Mimosa Pudica

(reposted from
10 Health Benefits of Mimosa Pudica

Mimosa pudica is kind of like an entire natural pharmacy in a single plant.

This fern-like herb has a long history of use in Ayurveda, a holistic healing system that originated in India in ancient times. (1)

Ayurvedic practitioners have used Mimosa pudica for ailments from head to toe, like mood disorders and wound healing.

Now, scientists are starting to confirm the benefits of Mimosa pudica for a wide range of health issues like parasites, depression, and diarrhea.

This article reviews 10 potential health benefits of Mimosa pudica. All parts of the plant — including its seeds, leaves, stems, and roots — are traditionally used to support wellness.

1. Powerful Gut Scrubber

Mimosa pudica seeds are mucilaginous, meaning they swell when they come into contact with a liquid and form a gel. If you’ve ever soaked chia seeds in water, you’ve seen this type of swelling in action. (2)

When you ingest Mimosa pudica seeds — such as in powdered form in capsules — a similar swelling happens in your digestive tract. The seeds become a sticky gel that can latch onto chemical toxins, heavy metals, parasites, and harmful bacteria.

This gooey mass of Mimosa pudica seeds, toxins, and critters travels through your gut and is excreted in your stools. Good riddance, right?

The mucilage in Mimosa pudica seeds also adds bulk to your stools, which aids elimination. It’s a type of soluble fiber, meaning it’s soluble in water. That’s why it’s able to soak up water and form a gel. (3)

Your digestive tract lacks enzymes needed to break down mucilage and other types of fiber. Since it’s not digested, Mimosa pudica mucilage can travel all the way through your gut and do its cleansing work. (4)

2. Kills Parasites

You already know that Mimosa pudica seed can grab parasites in your gut and carry them out in your stools. But, that’s not all it does to put these critters out of commission.

In a test-tube study, scientists exposed a roundworm to extracts of Mimosa pudica seeds. The seed extracts caused paralysis and death of the worms. (1)

Studies suggest Mimosa pudica not only kills adult parasites, but it also can inactivate larvae (immature worms).

When scientists incubated larvae of Strongyloides stercoralis (parasitic roundworms) with Mimosa pudica leaf extract, the parasites became lethargic and unable to move.

What’s more, the critters were permanently inactivated within just one hour, meaning they could no longer cause infection or harm. This matched the effectiveness of the most potent drug tested in the study.

Two other drugs commonly used to treat the parasitic infection took 3 to 5 days to inactivate the larvae in this study. (1)

3. May Support Mental Health

May Support Mental Health

Mental health and mood disorders like depression, anxiety, and panic attacks are on the rise. Depression alone afflicts 300 million people globally. (5, 6, 7)

If you’re like many people, you prefer an alternative to mental health drugs. They often come with unwanted side effects. Some carry the risk of physical dependence or even addiction.

In functional medicine, it’s well-recognized that supporting your gut health is important for good mental health. (8)

Your gut produces neurotransmitters or nerve messengers, which help regulate your mood. In turn, something like Mimosa pudica seed that promotes gut health could support your mental health.

For example, more than 90% of serotonin is made in your gut. Deficiency of this vital neurotransmitter is linked to: (9)

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Negative thoughts
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Irritability and low mood

The presence and abundance of certain beneficial bacteria may aid your gut’s production of serotonin. If your gut microbiome is out of balance due to antibiotic use, parasites, or other factors, that could reduce your production of serotonin. (10)

Focusing on parasite cleansing and gut repair with Mimosa pudica seed may help you get your gut health and mood back on track. (9)

Mimosa pudica plant extracts may support mental health more directly. When rats were given an extract made from the plant’s leaves, its benefits were comparable to two common antidepressant drugs. (11)

4. Rich in Antioxidants

The Mimosa pudica plant is high in antioxidants, which help stop the formation of damaging molecules called free radicals. Though the leaves contain the most antioxidants, some are also found in the plant’s stems and seeds. (12)

Mimosa pudica contains phytochemicals and vitamins with antioxidant properties. It also contains superoxide dismutase. This is a powerful antioxidant also found in your body’s cells, but its levels decline as you age. (13, 14)

So, do you absorb the antioxidants in Mimosa pudica seeds since you can’t digest their mucilage?

Scientists haven’t tested antioxidant absorption from Mimosa pudica seeds. However, studies of other types of mucilaginous seeds suggest some of their antioxidants are absorbed in your gut. (15)

That is good news for parasite cleansing. Not only does Mimosa pudica seed bind toxins released by parasites as they die, but it might also help combat toxins via its antioxidant activity.

5. May Help Regenerate the Sciatic Nerve

May Help Regenerate the Sciatic Nerve

Sciatic nerve pain can be downright devastating.

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body. It originates in your spinal cord and continues down through your rear end, then branches and extends down each leg.

So, sciatic nerve pain can radiate from your back and through your buttocks to your thigh and calf. Sometimes the pain goes all the way to your toes.

Conventional remedies to relieve the discomfort are limited, and alternative solutions are welcome.

In a groundbreaking study, rodents with sciatic nerve injury were given a Mimosa pudica extract every four days for three months. They had 40% better regeneration of their sciatic nerve compared to those given hydrocortisone, a steroid. (16)

Though more research in this area is needed, Mimosa pudica extract may prove to be a viable therapy for sciatic nerve pain.

6. May Prevent Liver Damage

If you have a complex chronic illness — such as Lyme disease and parasite infections — your liver and gallbladder may be inflamed and sluggish. (17, 18)

Lyme bacteria can hide in your liver. Additionally, parasites, such as liver flukes, Ascaris lumbricoides, and other worms, can hide in your liver-bile-duct system. These critters can clog up the system and create inflammation. (19, 20)

If your liver is inflamed and damaged, it doesn’t work as well. This vital organ processes and expels toxins into the bile to be carried away in your stools. When this system is hindered, toxins pile up.

When toxins build up, you don’t feel well. You may experience nausea, fatigue, itchy skin, or several other symptoms.

Preliminary research suggests that Mimosa pudica may help protect the liver against damage, including when it’s overly burdened with toxins.

When rodents were given an extract from the plant’s leaves alongside a liver toxin for a month, nearly 90% of free radical damage to liver lipids (fats) was suppressed. The researchers attributed this benefit to the antioxidants in the extract. (13)

In another study, Mimosa pudica leaf extract helped prevent liver damage in rats when they were exposed to carbon tetrachloride — a dry-cleaning chemical and liver toxin. In fact, the extract worked as well as a standard liver-protective drug. (21)

7. Kills Harmful Microbes

Microbes are tiny organisms that you can’t see without a microscope. They include bacteria, viruses, and fungi (yeasts and molds).

Your body is full of these little creatures — they make up your microbiome. Some of them are vital for your health and well-being. Others can harm you, especially if they outnumber the “good” microbes or disrupt the balance in your microbiome composition. (22, 23)

Studies suggest Mimosa pudica may help protect against certain “bad” microbes that cause infection and illness.

Test-tube studies have looked at the effectiveness of Mimosa pudica against:

  • Bacteria: Mimosa pudica leaf extract prevented Escherichia coli and Salmonella bacteria from multiplying. Mimosa pudica leaf and root extracts were also effective against Klebsiella pneumoniae, a common gut pathogen. (24, 25, 26)
  • Viruses: An extract prepared from the whole Mimosa pudica plant completely stopped the mumps virus from replicating. (27)
  • Fungi: Mimosa pudica leaf extract inhibited the activity of the yeast Candida albicans, though it wasn’t as effective as the antifungal drug fluconazole. Of course, such prescription drugs also can have unwanted side effects like stomach upset. (26)

Mimosa pudica’s antimicrobial activity is thought to be due to its rich stores of phytochemicals. These include flavonoids, alkaloids, tannins, and glycosides. (24)

Scientists’ interest in using plant-derived antimicrobials is growing. This is partly due to the increasing problem of drug-resistant pathogens. Additionally, antibiotics kill good as well as bad microbes indiscriminately. This can disrupt the health of your microbiome. (24)

8. Used in Wound Healing

Wound Healing

For centuries, Mimosa pudica has been used to stop bleeding and treat skin issues. For example, in traditional medicine people make a warmed paste from the plant’s roots and put it over wounds to stop bleeding and aid healing.

It’s also traditional to make a warmed paste from the plant’s leaves and apply it around pus-filled, infected skin such as boils. It’s said to help break the boil and release the pus. This paste is also used to relieve itchy skin. (16)

Scientists are starting to confirm these skin healing properties in research.

In one study, investigators tested a Mimosa pudica root extract in an ointment that they applied to cuts in rodents’ skin. To check how well it worked, they looked at the hydroxyproline content of the wound as it healed.

You may have heard of hydroxyproline. It’s a component of collagen, which helps keep skin elastic and youthful-looking. It’s also important for healing skin wounds.

Rodents’ wounds treated with Mimosa pudica ointment were 2.5 times higher in hydroxyproline than in the control group. Scientists credited this impressive skin healing benefit to the phenols in the plant extract. (28)

The minerals in Mimosa pudica leaves also promote skin health. The leaves contain iron, zinc, manganese, and copper. These minerals are needed for skin health and immune health, including fighting skin infections. (29)

9. Has Antidiarrheal Properties

Diarrhea not only is uncomfortable and inconvenient, but it also can dehydrate you.

Typical anti-diarrheal medications like loperamide (Immodium A-D) slow your digestive system. This reduces the frequency of bowel movements. But, this could swing too far the other direction. A potential side effect of loperamide is constipation. (30)

Even worse, super-high doses of loperamide taken long term can cause serious heart rhythm problems and death. This was discovered when people were taking massive amounts of the drug to get high, as it has opioid-like effects in mega doses. (31, 32)

Though that’s an extreme case, you’d likely prefer a more natural solution for diarrhea. Mimosa pudica has potential in this area.

When rats with diarrhea were given a Mimosa pudica leaf extract, it reduced the frequency of diarrhea by more than three-fold compared to loperamide.

This was likely due in part to tannins and flavonoids in the extract. These phytochemicals may reduce muscular contractions and secretions of the intestinal tract. This slows the progression of food through the gut to help prevent diarrhea. (33)

Anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, and antibacterial properties of Mimosa pudica also support gut health and normal stools.

10. May Protect Against Ulcers

Peptic ulcers are sores on your digestive tract lining. They result from acidic erosion of the gut’s protective mucous coating.

Ulcers are typically located in your stomach or the upper part of your small intestine. Less commonly they may occur in the lower part of the esophagus, near your stomach.

A major risk factor for peptic ulcers is infection with Helicobacter pylori bacteria. It can damage your digestive tract’s mucous coating. This weakens your gut’s defenses against acidic stomach secretions. (34)

Research suggests Mimosa pudica leaf extract helps reduce stomach acidity and increase the secretion of protective factors in the gut. This may help prevent ulcers.

When rats were given Mimosa pudica leaf extract, they had 67% fewer ulcers compared to the control group. Rats that were given the drug ranitidine (Zantac) to decrease stomach acid secretion had 49% fewer ulcers in comparison to the control group.

In other words, Mimosa pudica extract outperformed a drug commonly prescribed to prevent and treat peptic ulcers.

Scientists think part of the herb’s protective benefit comes from its content of quercetin. This phytochemical may help stimulate the gut’s production of protective factors. (35)

The Mimosa Multitasker

Mimosa pudica packs remarkable healing potential in its seeds, roots, leaves, and stems.

Traditional medicine practitioners have long utilized the plant for a range of health concerns, such as healing cuts and treating diarrhea. Scientists are now confirming these and many other potential benefits in studies.

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The Standing Stones of Callandish (Isle of Lewis, Scotland)

I had to attend a class in Scotland and I thought, this may be the only time I am gonna go to Scotland, i might as well make  the best out of it. My passion in Biogeometry naturally lead me to look to the stones; the choice is between Stonehedge in London or the Standing Stones in Stornoway. I chose the later, based on gut feel (which means I did not have enough energy to research further into it at that time 🙂 )


(photo by me using iPhone 6 pano)

To get to the Standing Stones, I need to take a domestic flight from Glasgow to Stornoway via Loganair. There are alternative to get there, like taking a boat ride from somewhere to somewhere.  And again, I went for the most straightforward, least effort. Upon arriving, I took a taxi from the airport to the hotel I have booked at Stornoway Town Center, theRoyal Hotel.  The 10-min taxi ride cost me about 9 Pounds. Scottish hotel has a different system than I am used to. You pay nothing when checking in. You only pay on check-out. They are really trusting! And so far, everyone I met was ultra-friendly to me, despite COVID-19 fears. I did eventually went to eat in a Chinese-run Restaurant in Stornoway due to my Chinese stomach, and overheard the boss saying she is scared of Chinese…..444B059F-CD72-4B4D-8C23-EA0A712C8BCB

(My hotel room in Stornoway. )

Upon checking in, I did what i always do , I measure. To my pleasant surprise, the room seemed to be on leylines. I do not know much about them nor how to measure them. What I found is that there were lines running through the room, somewhat like gridlines, but they were filled with BG3.  There was also a castle from across this hotel.  If the energetic environment is so benign, I was  not surprised by the warm and friendly people who had greeted me so far. They seemed to be a happy and chilled people.

I started doing a bit more research, now that I have some space on my hand. I realized that I was on an island called the Isle of Lewis, and the standing stones were quite a distance away. There was a bus no W2 that goes and comes through there, and I was pleasantly surprised to realize the bus stop was a 3min walk from my hotel. I outdone myself again! Upon further research, I then realized also that the standing stones are open 24/7 year round, but the visitor centre and cafe are closed on Sundays and Mondays. I landed on a Sunday, and I was to be flying out on Tuesday morning ; I did myself in again.  The bus runs on a schedule and between drop-off and pick-up, there is a 3-hour stretch.  At that point, i regretted not booking a B&B nearer to the Standing Stones, so I could just walk to the stones anytime.

I also found out that there is no Uber service in Stornoway, only taxi and buses. The bus stops DO NOT have information on bus schedules. Google maps in this case, was really reliable, giving the bus routes and schedules. On morning of day 2, I walked across the street to catch bus W2 around 10-ish in the morning.

Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 4.55.42 AM

(bus stop to catch W2, return ticket at 4.6 pounds)

It was a scenic 50 min ride (didn’t feel like it!) as every where my head turned, it looked like a scenic picture people put in travel books. Grasslands, sheeps, terrains, lakes (Oh ya. I passed by Loch Ness. no monster sighted though). I finally arrived at the Standing Stones. With the visitor centre closed, it looks like a place where even the birds don’t come and lay eggs.  I apprehensively waved my bus good bye, wondering what I did again, traveling so far out here, just to stand in the shivering cold all alone.


IMG_2825 Bye Bye Bus W2, MOST IMPORTANT, remember to come back 3 hours later, for me. There was no Uber, my handphone was left with 50% battery and I haven’t made any friends in Stornoway to come to my rescue, if you decided not to come back!



I walked up to the visitor center to double confirmed that it was closed, and to my disappointment , it was, indeed. I proceed towards, with excitement still,  towards the standing stones about a 5 min walk away.



As I walked along the directions towards the stone, I could see them coming up in the distance.  For once, I had thought they were much much much taller and bigger. They were not. The dark clouds meanwhile gathered above. The ground was soggy.


Interestingly, as i walked along this road, I calibrated my pendulum to BG3 and as I walked, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the pendulum spun for about 30cm at every 1.5-2meter apart (estimated). It was as if I was measuring gridlines, except that they were Bg3 lines. And then, the stones dropped into my sight.

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 3.41.54 AM

My heart skipped a beat; this was after all, my very first STONE HEDGE; albeit they were not tall. The ground was  soggy as it had been raining almost every day this season. I proceeded to observe and explore, and I was very amazed to find, that the stones actually do mark out zones with BG3! I posted one example. I used a straight, dotted line to mark it out to make things easier for me, but the stones were lined up in such a way that my pendulum will start spinning on one side of it, and stopped on the other. How did they measure, back then? We are talking about 5000 years ago. I measured what came to my mind to,  and took some site photos I can, and then, the rain came, with strong wind. I had to take shelter.



Thank God for bus stop. What happened over the next one and a half  hours, was my scurrying back and forth the bus stop. The moment the rain came, I am back at the bus stop. When it slowed down or lightened enough, I would scurry back to the site for more measurements and photos. And  then, the last one and a half hour was the longest time in 2020 for me, because the rain never did stop, the wind was strong, and I was cold and shivering from time to time. The cafe was closed on Monday, so there was no hot coffee for me. My only hope lies in bus W2 that was scheduled to arrive 1.5h afterwards.


I manage to take photos enough for me, of the standing stones and the surrounds, eventually. I must say this, the Standing Stones looked way better in photographs, but photographs do not do justice to the beauty of Callandish itself. While waiting in the bus stop, i saw how the scenery changed before me with the weather. At  one point for a few minutes, the sky cleared up enough for me to see the snow-clad mountains far across the Loch. I could not take a photograph of that, because it would not do what I see, justice. The beauty of these outer Hebrides is just amazing, amazing, amazing. In fact, on my bus ride here, i actually saw 2 adults leading a group of 7-8 toodlers clad in colorful raincoats, taking a hike along a river!

Let me share some of the photos below. And yes, bus W2 faithfully came on time. Hallelujah. And I was real glad I booked my stay at the Royal Hotel situated in the town center, rather then at B&B at the Callandish because I, a city girl, need to be near supermarket, restaurants, cafes, bookshops and pharmacies, all within walking distances from the hotel. Callandish is too lonely for me.

There you go. Took my standard pendulum profile photographs whenever I visit power spots, the biggest stone , an abandoned boat sitting next to the Loch, my BG3 ring photo with the standing stones as a backdrop, and on my way down, the sheeps, which look like bundles of white from afar.

Later on in my post- visit research, I came across a book, that explained how the Standing Stones lined up precisely with as astronomical markers in line with astronomical events. Respect to the wisdom they had back then.  Also the middle of the stones were once a burial ground.  Powerspots like the Pyramid and these Standing Stones are related to burial. I am much more interested to find out how they have been used to benefit life on Earth, for the living, then preserving the dead. 🙂 Till then.

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Coral Castle (Florida, USA)

Attended Biogeometry Foundation and Advanced by Dr Robert Gilbert and Vesica has beautifully arranged a field trip to powerspotCoral Castle.  I quote the website :”From 1923 to 1951, Edward Leedskalnin has single-handedly and secretly carved over 1,100 tons of coral rock, and his unknown process has created one of the world’s most mysterious accomplishments.”

Not only did he moved all the coral rocks by himself, and sculpted them, which is a miraculous feat on its own, the location itself is a powerspot and Ed seemed to have means and ways to know how to create a home (for himself) that is filled with BG3 !

Every single chair in the castle is like a charging power spot! Like these chairs, and he had them placed in different directions, so that at different times of the day, he can sit on each one and read or rest comfortable with the light from the sun!

A simple youtube on the coral castle(, and you can find a nice short write up here


There are a few other amazing facts about the coral castle, and what inpsires me the most- the amount of thought put into the design of the home, such that it is energetically optimal and built in reference to what is in the sky (built in consideration of the stars and the moon above too).

Here is a youtube on the sundial  found in coral castle, a 6 tonnes megalithic sundial, what they used to tell time! And when you watch the youtube, you may , like me , and huge respect on the knowledge that this man has!

and here an interesting footage

and a longer version titled “The Mystery of Coral Castle



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Trauma, Grounding & Sound Healing

We go through all sorts of trauma in life. While growing up, while getting old, etc. I have had a long list of traumas. Here goes :- rolling down the stairs, knocking my head into an open fridge door, falling into an open drain, spraining my ankle on the basketball court, lost my wallet, visit to the dentist etc ….. The list can go on, Trauma need not be huge, even though it can be.

Unresolved trauma gets stuck in our system and affects our daily behavior.


  • Wife who divorced a cheating husband finds it hard to trust man in general.
  • one beaten by a snake is afraid of sticks
  • one who rolled down a flight of steps had some of its cells stuck in fear mode, resulting in unexplained tensions or recurrent headaches

So many, I can again name you some of mine, a more major one, simply to illustrate the detrimental effect of un-processed trauma possibly present in a system.

I had taken on a workshop assignment to teach a 3h Braingym class. The night when the class is suppose d to happen, my ailing father who was then cancer-stricken, started to show fluctuating heart rate. This is a sign of someone struggling with their final breathe. I attempted to cancel the workshop but the organizer wouldn’t allowed me. I struggled and decided to fulfill my obligation instead. As I drove to the workshop venue, my whole body was shaking uncontrollably . [Later on, i learnt that shaking, was a way the body deal with trauma, in an attempt to process the huge emotion grief I was experiencing]. By God’s grace, i completed my teaching, and when the class ended, my father had passed on. For a good period after, I didn’t to dare to take on anymore workshop/teaching assignment, for fear, something bad may happen. This is a classic example of the Trauma and how it can be imprinted unto out system.

Trauma resolution work can happen in many forms. In my study, I have come across numerous modalities that included a trauma component:-

  • In Upledger’s Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release work
    • works with cranial rhythm and the inner physician (check for John Upledger’s literature. He has written well and the literature in this area is pretty comprehensive by me )
  • Dr David Berceli’s TRE Trauma-release exercise  (
    • this can be done as a self-care exercise, once you have attended the workshop and knows how to activate the body to start ‘shaking’. One gets more guidance and facilitation with the help of a TRE facilitator.
  • Biodynamic CranioSacral therapy (
    • this is by far the most gentle way of trauma resolution I have come across, with a very gentle touch and gave the body plenty of space to process
  • Dr Chikly’s Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and Brain Therapy
    • this is by far the most efficient intervention I have come across. It works FAST. very FAST.
  • Dr Christi-Bonds Garrett’s Aromasounds Therapy
    • the most comforting and comfortable intervention; one gets to enjoy almost like a massage with nice smelling essential oils and tuning forks!
  • Peter Mendel’s color puncture
    • this is a very multi-dimensional approach as Peter Mandel to me, is beyond-this-world. This modality has helped many US veterans overcome PTSD from the war.

Of course, the list doesn’t end here. I have written only what I know and have come across. Most of these modalities often referred to the foundational writings on Trauma by Peter Levine (Waking the Tiger – Healing Traumas).

To me, the common thread underlying most healing modalities is VIBRATION. I particularly resonated with Dr Ibahim Karim’s concept on Physics of Quality detailed in his book “Back to a Future For Mankind” ,  the musical note “C’ resonates with the color RED, which,  also resonates with the root chakra and the list goes on. Its vibrational in nature.

SOUND therefore, can also be used in healing, and for that matter, trauma resolution as it is also vibrational in essence. Music is a popular form of sound healing.  I got to encounter a special set of frequency called the Sacred Solffegio frequency from the teachings of Dr Christi-Bonds Garrett, creator of RAINDROP HARMONICS and had the privilege of learning under her on the Sacred Solfeggio Vibrational Raindrop Therapy.  This is a set of ancient frequencies used for healing. In particular, 3 of the frequencies, 396Hz, 417Hz and 528Hz  are found by the Japanese to be suitable for use during sleep for mental and emotional regulation ! This was incorporated by AMLIFE  into their latest Deep Sleep Amsonic model of therapeutic mattress, combining electric potential therapy, far-infra red therapy and Amsonic technology for use in holistic health regulation in sleep!  These frequencies are very powerful. They key ideas for the frequencies have been summarized as follows, and not limited to what is listed:-

  • 396Hz – Releases Guilt and Fear
  • 417 Hz – Transformation / Removes Negativity
  • 528 Hz – Miracle DNA/Love/ Abundance

TO ME, everyone of those frequencies have a trauma-resolution component. For all trauma related work, there is a process, and good solid grounding is essential in working hand in hand with trauma releasing. In any form of trauma-related work, SAFETY is very important. if you take some minutes to view one of Peter Levine’s youtube here, he explains the idea of a ‘CONTAINER’ in order for one to feel SAFE for the traumatic energy to be processed. CONTAINER, SAFETY, GROUNDING to me are various way of wording the same thing needed for trauma processing, and the key word TO ME is SAFETY.

What I am wiring next comes from my years of therapy and trauma work on the table.  For people who get involved in any form of trauma release process, and did not feel good/ cannot sleep well after, TO ME, the body needs more GROUNDING for the system to feel SAFE enough to process through the TRAUMA. There are various aspects of GROUNDING :-

1)That which Peter Levine introduces in his youtube, exercises that creates a ‘CONTAINER’ for the system to feel safe enough to discharge

2)In acupuncture terms, the central and governing vessels have to be freely flowing for the system to energetically GROUND, and this can simple be achieved by running a hand along the central and governing vessel multiple times along their meridian pathway in the direction of flow

3)make sure one receives enough electric potential (can be done through electric potential therapy by using the Amlife mattress, on electric potential mode). There must be sufficient time on mattress for the body to do this grounding well.

4)walking. (by far my favorite). Duration varies but long walks really helps.

5)Those who are familiar with the Om tuning fork from AROMASOUNDS; applying Om on KI-1 point and on CV-4 really helps.  Multiple application may be required.

6) Essential oils that helps with grounding (such as Valor, Hong Kuai, Cypress, Grounding, Northern Light Black Spruce, Idaho Blue Spruce), and applied on the sacrum

7) Deep Breathing.

One or more intervention may be needed, and again of course, this list is not exhaustive.

Why bother to resolve trauma in one’s system? For me, trauma resolution brings about a better quality of life in all aspects. And after all, Jesus is here so we can be free 🙂 and not be bound.  Free from trauma,  we can enjoy more choice, which means more freedom from all aspects, on a multi-dimensional level.

In Love,




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Congestion in the sinuses

I lived with this from 10 years old till today !confluence of sinus

When I have an onset, what helps is inhaling Peppermint essential oil, topical application of Lavender essential oil, and a drop of Frankincense essential oil on the back of the skull that corresponds to the confluence of sinus (see diagram). You can actually palpate (feel for) this point and u can feel a slight indentation when you are on it.

Some of the factors leading up to a sinus congestion, based on my own research and exploration on my own condition is as follows (the list is by no means exhaustive):-

  1. Burden on the liver due to stress, late nights, having to process toxins/allergic substances put into the body through what we eat or what we use. This further put a stress on the immune system.  Therefore, the way to go is to have good and adequate sleep and clean up the liver.
  2. Food allergy and intolerance  – Many people are not aware that they have this. One of the more common one is gluten intolerance and dairy intolerance. Once I understood it is related to food, it became very obvious. If i eat any noodles or pasta at night, i will SURELy wake up with sinus congestion in the morning. This is because i am gluten intolerant. eating noodle and/or pasta will cause my body to produce a lot of mucus as an immune response. and it clog up my sinus. .  The other big contributor to mucus is DAIRY! and that works fast.  Once in a while, when i pass by starbucks, and got weakly would reach out to my favorite latte. it takes no less than 15 min and I can already feel the mucus brewing in me. If i eat/drink these  during the day, it is not as bad, as my movement in the day, moves the lymph and mitigated the effect of all this, however……….avoidance is the best! The ZYTO has a food scan which shows what are the food that supports our body and what stress out body based on each individual, as it scans your system using Bio-impedance and handed gives a very personalized report on what your body takes well to, or not. My husband introduces me to the Mucusless Diet originated by Dr Sebi, after he grew tired on my “Foghorning”, and much more, his concern for my health and my immune system. Hence food choices is very relevant in this kind of situation.
  3. Environmental factors – Living in a physical world, we face challenges of dust and irritatants floating in the air. Thus keep ing the physical environment clean is also of utmost importance.

In summary, to look towards the long term management and recovery:-



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Water Kefir

Mt friend Carol Chua introduced me to water-kefir making. She is a master at it. Look at what she has been making.   🙂  I started on it, and is still learning about it. I felt a noticeable difference when i started taking water kefir. My bowel movement was a lot smoother, and they looked better too! LOL. It’s kind of a natural probiotics.

Carol water kefir

I decided to pool some information together for newbies like me on this blog page.

Great site on making water Kefir

Choosing water and sugar for water kefir

Benefits of taking water kefir


Have Fun!



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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT)

I was first introduced to LDT by none other than Yonie Bonawi. (We go back a long way in terms of introducing therapies and classes to each other, and then taking them together.

LDT was put together by Dr Bruno Chikly, Founder of Chikly Institute. He has a youtube here, talking about LDT. What really amazes me about LDT was how the intervention was so gentle, and yet the one gets phenomenal results literally in MINUTES!  I used to get deep tissue massage/ lymphatic work and they are usually painful interventions, especially when the lymph is congested. However, when LDT was performed, there is literally no pain.

I used to live with Sinus challenge from young.  I would wake up having my sinuses blocked on one side and having difficulty in breathing. Now with LDT strokes, I can use them on myself to clear up the sinus pathway in minutes. This is one of the many things that can be achieved through LDT. It is a very powerful modality. I went on to take a couple of modules in this work, reviewed a few classes , and even flew to ARIZONA USA with Yonie to take the first class of the Brain Curriculum. That is where I met Dr Chikly, the man himself.

With Teacher Molly, Teacher Bev and Teacher Arlene Garcia.

I have recently completed the review of LDT 1 and 2. I will share some pictures we took in class.

On the left is a 1 month old scar, being worked on for about 10 min. The scar now looks much lighter and narrower.

The other photo shows2 arms and they belong to the same person. This person has water retention challenge and after 10 min of work, the left arm has gone down so much, that it appears as if the arms belong to 2 different persons! Aint this amazing? 15 min of work is all it takes.

to take LDT classes in Singapore, you can check out course organizer, the Living well co. and to have a session of LDT, you can always make an appointment with me.




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Some Testimonials from Biogeometry

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We had our first BIOGEOMETRY FOUNDATION in 2017 last year. Since we have more people getting to know and use this SCIENCE of environmental balancing.

We have gathered some testimonials over the course, and I would like to share some of them here.

Those who benefited from:~


My family members are much calmer and happier after BG home harmonising.
We managed to get rid of a lot bulky furniture and stuffs we don’t use in the house which previously we are so reluctant to let go.
I signed up Biogeometry foundation course after that because I need to learned it or else I have to keep paying cynthia to come my house whenever the environment changed and I’m so glad that I did because I learned more than just harmonising my house. ”

I was aware and read up abt BG for quite some time but not until the intro class that I really knew more.  I was always concerned abt the constant exposure to Wifi, EMF exposure and it hard to avoid it in these modern times.  Water and electricity also needed to be harmonized.  So when my mom was diagnosed with cancer, besides the other holistic treatments that we embarked on, BG was one that I really wanted to do for my mom.  It being non invasive was a winning point.
I knew I wanted to fix the environmental aspect of my home.
Cynthia came to the house to do some balancing.
I am not a person who is sensitive to energy, changes or things like that so I will try to explain in as simple ways as I can.
Post BG home harmonizing –
The house feels good.
The space became calmer.
I could see clearer.
Me and my mom were sleeping better and not waking up in the nights.
I feel rested when I wake up.
The dull ache at back of my head was gone.
Boys were also calmer during speech therapy sessions at home.
In our world saturated by wifi and environmental energy, I am thankful that we have a solution with Biogeometry.
– Shida


I never thought I would hold a pendulum or ever thought of being a home practitioner.
After home harmonising, I feel so good that I told myself I need to learn this skill. I signed up Biogeometry foundation course last minute and I’m glad I did.
Biogeometry open my eyes and I understand myself better and I’m able to support my family no matter where they are (I do not need to be physically there for them when I can’t be there). I thought I only need to learn foundation and that is good enough for me but after foundation, I feel I need to learned more so I signed up advance class and after advance course, I decided to be a practitioner so I signed up home practitioner course :)” – Irene


These are my feedback
1) I’ve been sleeping much better (deeper and longer sleep) since I put the cubes homekit at home.
2) I am a fan of crystals and I have lots of crystals at home. They’re all very clear already but since I put the homekit, they’ve gotten so much clearer and some have even grown dramatically (yes, they’re alive).

crystals (Maura's testi)
3) My husband is a triathlete and I made an emitter for  him on the day before his race, which is a Full Ironman (3 km swim, 180 km bike, 42 km run). He finished the race in 15 hours without injuries (during and after the race) and was able to recover so much faster than his previous and similar races.
4) Made another emitter for my husband for another race, which he participates in every year. This year, the course was even tougher and he is a year older, yet he finished 15 minutes earlier than his record the previous year and was awarded second place in his age group.” ~ Maura


apples (testimony).png

My friend Linda from Switzerland posted this on the Biogeometry Facebook. On the left are the apples she grew in her garden before she learns Biogeometry. On the right are the pictures of apples she grew out of a pot utilizing Biogeometry principles. It is not about adding fertilizers :).

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