Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT)

I was first introduced to LDT by none other than Yonie Bonawi. (We go back a long way in terms of introducing therapies and classes to each other, and then taking them together.

LDT was put together by Dr Bruno Chikly, Founder of Chikly Institute. He has a youtube here, talking about LDT. What really amazes me about LDT was how the intervention was so gentle, and yet the one gets phenomenal results literally in MINUTES!  I used to get deep tissue massage/ lymphatic work and they are usually painful interventions, especially when the lymph is congested. However, when LDT was performed, there is literally no pain.

I used to live with Sinus challenge from young.  I would wake up having my sinuses blocked on one side and having difficulty in breathing. Now with LDT strokes, I can use them on myself to clear up the sinus pathway in minutes. This is one of the many things that can be achieved through LDT. It is a very powerful modality. I went on to take a couple of modules in this work, reviewed a few classes , and even flew to ARIZONA USA with Yonie to take the first class of the Brain Curriculum. That is where I met Dr Chikly, the man himself.

With Teacher Molly, Teacher Bev and Teacher Arlene Garcia.

I have recently completed the review of LDT 1 and 2. I will share some pictures we took in class.

On the left is a 1 month old scar, being worked on for about 10 min. The scar now looks much lighter and narrower.

The other photo shows2 arms and they belong to the same person. This person has water retention challenge and after 10 min of work, the left arm has gone down so much, that it appears as if the arms belong to 2 different persons! Aint this amazing? 15 min of work is all it takes.

to take LDT classes in Singapore, you can check out course organizer, the Living well co. and to have a session of LDT, you can always make an appointment with me.




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Some Testimonials from Biogeometry


28th July 2018 (Saturday)   7PM to 830PM @ Breathe of Life Center

(Click on the link for venue)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We had our first BIOGEOMETRY FOUNDATION in 2017 last year. Since we have more people getting to know and use this SCIENCE of environmental balancing.

We have gathered some testimonials over the course, and I would like to share some of them here.

Those who benefited from:~


My family members are much calmer and happier after BG home harmonising.
We managed to get rid of a lot bulky furniture and stuffs we don’t use in the house which previously we are so reluctant to let go.
I signed up Biogeometry foundation course after that because I need to learned it or else I have to keep paying cynthia to come my house whenever the environment changed and I’m so glad that I did because I learned more than just harmonising my house. ”

I was aware and read up abt BG for quite some time but not until the intro class that I really knew more.  I was always concerned abt the constant exposure to Wifi, EMF exposure and it hard to avoid it in these modern times.  Water and electricity also needed to be harmonized.  So when my mom was diagnosed with cancer, besides the other holistic treatments that we embarked on, BG was one that I really wanted to do for my mom.  It being non invasive was a winning point.
I knew I wanted to fix the environmental aspect of my home.
Cynthia came to the house to do some balancing.
I am not a person who is sensitive to energy, changes or things like that so I will try to explain in as simple ways as I can.
Post BG home harmonizing –
The house feels good.
The space became calmer.
I could see clearer.
Me and my mom were sleeping better and not waking up in the nights.
I feel rested when I wake up.
The dull ache at back of my head was gone.
Boys were also calmer during speech therapy sessions at home.
In our world saturated by wifi and environmental energy, I am thankful that we have a solution with Biogeometry.
– Shida


I never thought I would hold a pendulum or ever thought of being a home practitioner.
After home harmonising, I feel so good that I told myself I need to learn this skill. I signed up Biogeometry foundation course last minute and I’m glad I did.
Biogeometry open my eyes and I understand myself better and I’m able to support my family no matter where they are (I do not need to be physically there for them when I can’t be there). I thought I only need to learn foundation and that is good enough for me but after foundation, I feel I need to learned more so I signed up advance class and after advance course, I decided to be a practitioner so I signed up home practitioner course :)” – Irene


These are my feedback
1) I’ve been sleeping much better (deeper and longer sleep) since I put the cubes homekit at home.
2) I am a fan of crystals and I have lots of crystals at home. They’re all very clear already but since I put the homekit, they’ve gotten so much clearer and some have even grown dramatically (yes, they’re alive).

crystals (Maura's testi)
3) My husband is a triathlete and I made an emitter for  him on the day before his race, which is a Full Ironman (3 km swim, 180 km bike, 42 km run). He finished the race in 15 hours without injuries (during and after the race) and was able to recover so much faster than his previous and similar races.
4) Made another emitter for my husband for another race, which he participates in every year. This year, the course was even tougher and he is a year older, yet he finished 15 minutes earlier than his record the previous year and was awarded second place in his age group.” ~ Maura


apples (testimony).png

My friend Linda from Switzerland posted this on the Biogeometry Facebook. On the left are the apples she grew in her garden before she learns Biogeometry. On the right are the pictures of apples she grew out of a pot utilizing Biogeometry principles. It is not about adding fertilizers :).

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Vibrational Raindrop, Tuning Fork, Harmonics!

My journey with VRT started years back when I took my first VRT class with Fee Boey from CARE. i learnt the planetary and then the Bible Oils VRT. At that time, my father was very ill. I remember lugging my bag of Tuning forks and oils, went to the hospital pull the curtains and did the session on him. 3 days later, he was out of the hospital :).

It left such a huge impact on me that I flew to Paducah USA to learn from the originator, Dr Christi Bonds Garrett. Many people thought i flew to USA so often to look for my husband; not true. i flew there so often for these tuning forks (LOL).

I used them quite a lot on my therapy practice. They do result in significant shift for many people. Dr Bonds is a brilliant doctor, well-read and well-schooled in multiple modalities and on top of that she is a REAL doctor of medicine 😉 The RAINDROP HARMONICS syllabus are designed to encompass medical astrology, use of crystals, vibrations, frequencies, auricular work, sacred geometry and color light together with the use of therapeutic grade essential oils.

The pre-requisite class to all other VRT (Vibrational Raindrop Technique) classes is the Planetary Classic VRT . Once you have taken this class, you can take any and all of the other VRT classes, namely:-

  • Body systems VRT
  • Chakra VRT
  • Chromatic VRT
  • Bible Oils VRT

You can read about these other VRTs here 🙂

You can also find the list of class schedules on the link of “Upcoming Classes

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To sign up for any of these classes, CLICK HERE,

ARRANGED BY COURSE (Scroll down to see arrangement by months)

AROMALIFT  SGD160 per pax

26 Jul 2018 Thu 6:30pm-930pm

HAPPY SHOULDERS ATM ( Awareness Through Movement)

Time : 1) 17/1, 24/1, 31/1, 7/2 and 21/2 – Wednesday morning 10.30am -12pm
2) 19/1, 26/1, 2/2, 9/2, and 23/2-Friday evening 7.30pm – 9pm

Email me for information on this class


  • 15 Mar 2018 (Thur) 7-10pm
  • 25 Apr 2018 (Wed) 7-10pm
  • 10 May 2018 (Thur) 10am-1pm
  • 8 Aug 2018 (Wed) 6pm-9pm
  • 20 Sept 2018 (Thur) 230pm-530pm
  • 3 Oct 2018 (Wed) 7-10pm

HOW TO MUSCLE TEST SGD120 (Various Dates)

  • 21 Feb 2018 (Wed) 7-10pm
  • 13 Mar 2018 (Tue) 2-5pm
  • 11 Aug 2018 (Sat) 10am-1pm
  • 4 Oct (Thur) 7-10pm


  • Class in May / 11 May 2018 (Fri) 10am to 5pm
  • Class in September / 6 Sept 2018 (Thur) 10am-5pm


Pre-requisite of Touch for Health 1 OR Meridian Self-care (part 1)

  • Class in May / 12 May 2018 (Sat) 10am-5pm
  • Class in September / 14 Sept 2018 (Fri) 10am-5pm

APPLIED VITAFLEX Class SGD120 (Various Classes)

  • 3 May 2018 (Thur) 1-6pm
  • 18 May 2018 (Fri) 1-6pm
  • 19 Aug 2018 (Sun) 3pm-830pm
  • 20,21 Sept (Thur, Fri) 7pm-930pm (over 2 nights)

RAINDROP TECHNIQUE CLASS SGD180 (Various Classes) SGD150 (BYOO- Bring your own oils) / SGD 180 (oils provided)

  • 3rd April (Tue) 9am-6pm
  • 19th May (Sat) 9-6pm
  • 6th June (Wed) 9-6pm
  • 18th July (Wed) 9-6pm



  • Class in March / 18 Mar 2018 (Sun) , 630pm-930pm & 19 Mar 2018 (Mon), 9am-6pm
  • Class in May / 27 May 2018 (Sun) 630pm-930pm & 29 May 2018 (Tue) PH Vesak Day 9am-6pm
  • Class in August / 9 Aug 2018 (Thur) PH National Day 9am-6pm & 11 Aug 2018 (Sat) 230pm-530pm

RAINDROP HARMONICS I (Body System VRT) SGD380 per pax

  • Class in May / 4 May 2018 (Fri), 7-10pm (part 1) & 5 May 2018 (Sat) 9-6pm (part 2)
  • Class in September / 8 Sept 2018 (Sat) 9-6pm (part 1) & 9 Sept 2018 (Sun), 3-6pm (part 2)


  • Class in April / 21 April 2018 (Sat) 7-10pm (part1) & 22 April 2018 (Sun) 9-6pm (part2) RESCHEDULED. No classes on 21 & 22 April. Will announce new dates soon.
  • Class in November / 23 Nov 2018 (Sat) 9-6pm (part1) & 24 Nov 2018 (Sun) 9-1230pm (part2)


  • Class in June / 2 Jun 2018 (Sat) 9-6pm (part 1) & 3 Jun 2018 (Sun) 6pm-9pm (part 2)
  • Class in November / 24 Nov 2018 (Sun) 2-6pm (part 1) & 25 Nov 2018 (Mon) 9-6pm (part 2)


  • Class in July / 20 Jul 2018 (Fri) 7-10pm (part 1) & 21 Jul 2018 (Sat) 9-6pm (part 2)
  • Class in October / 27 Oct 2018 (Sat) 9-6pm (part 1) & 28 Oct 2018 (Sun) 3-6pm (part 2)



25 March Sunday to 30 March Friday  2018, 10am to 5pm


21 Jun Thursday to 26 Jun Tuesday, 2018 , 10am to 5pm



Sat April 7-Sunday April 8,  2018: Introduction to Esogetics (9:30am to 5:30pm)


April 12th -13th, 2018 (Thursday –Friday)  9:30am to 5pm


April 14th-15th 2018 (Saturday – Sunday), 9:30am to 5:30pm


2018 Class Schedule arranged by MONTHS


  • How to Muscle Test (SGD120) / 21 Feb 2018 (Wed) 7-10pm


  • How to Muscle Test (SGD120) / 13 Mar 2018 (Tue) 2-5pm
  • Lymphatic Self-care (SGD120 per pax)  / 15 Mar 2018 (Thur) 7-10pm
  • Planetary Classic VRT (SGD380 per pax /  18 Mar 2018 (Sun), 630pm-930pm & 19 Mar 2018 (Mon), 9am-6pm


  • Raindrop Technique Class SGD180 (Various Classes) / SGD150 (BYOO- Bring your own oils)  SGD 180 (oils provided)  / 3rd April (Tue) 9am-6pm
  • Raindrop Harmonics II/CHAKRA VRT (SGD380 per pax)Pre-requisite : Planetary Classic VRT  /  21 April 2018 (Sat) 7-10pm (part1) & 22 April 2018 (Sun) 9-6pm (part2)
  • Lymphatic Self-care (SGD120 per pax) / 25 Apr 2018 (Wed) 7-10pm


  • Applied Vitaflex Class SGD120  / 3 May 2018 (Thur) 1-6pm
  • Raindrop harmonics I   (SGD380 per pax)Pre-requisite : Planetary Classic VRT / 4 May 2018 (Fri), 7-10pm (part 1) & 5 May 2018 (Sat) 9-6pm (part 2)
  • Applied Vitaflex Class SGD120  / 8 May 2018 (Fri) 1-6pm
  • Lymphatic Self-care (SGD120 per pax) / 10 May 2018 (Thur) 10am-1pm
  •  Meridian Self-care (Part 1) SGD200 / 11 May 2018 (Fri) 10am to 5pm
  • Meridian Self-care (Part 2) SGD200 per pax / Pre-requisite of  Touch for Health 1 OR Meridian Self-care (part 1)  /   12 May 2018 (Sat) 10am-5pm
  • Raindrop Technique Class SGD180 SGD150 (BYOO- Bring your own oils) / SGD 180 (oils provided)  / 19th May (Sat) 9-6pm
  • Planetary Classic VRT (SGD380 per pax)  /27 May 2018 (Sun) 630pm-930pm & 29 May 2018 (Tue) PH Vesak Day 9am-6pm


  • Raindrop Harmonics III/CHROMATIC VRT (SGD380 per pax) Pre-requisite : Planetary Classic VRT  /  2 Jun 2018 (Sat) 9-6pm (part 1) &  3 Jun 2018 (Sun) 6pm-9pm (part 2)
  • Raindrop Technique Class SGD180 (Various Classes)  SGD150 (BYOO- Bring your own oils) / SGD 180 (oils provided)  / 6th June (Wed) 9-6pm


  • Raindrop Technique Class SGD180 (Various Classes)  /  SGD150 (BYOO- Bring your own oils)  / SGD 180 (oils provided)  /  18th July (Wed) 9-6pm
  • Bible oils Vibrational Raindrop Technique (SGD380 per pax) Pre-requisite : Planetary Classic VRT  /  20 Jul 2018 (Fri) 7-10pm (part 1) &  21 Jul 2018 (Sat) 9-6pm (part 2)


  • Lymphatic Self-care (SGD120 per pax) /  8 Aug 2018 (Wed) 6pm-9pm
  • Planetary Classic VRT  /  9 Aug 2018 (Thur) PH National Day 9am-6pm &  11 Aug 2018 (Sat) 230pm-530pm
  • How to Muscle Test (SGD120)  /  11 Aug 2018 (Sat) 10am-1pm
  • Applied Vitaflex Class (SGD120)  /  26 Aug 2018 (Sun) 3pm-830pm



  •  Meridian Self-care (Part 1) SGD200 /  6 Sept 2018 (Thur) 10am-5pm
  • Meridian Self-care (Part 2) SGD200 per pax / Pre-requisite of

-Touch for Health 1 OR -Meridian Self-care (part 1)  /  7 Sept 2018 (Fri) 10am-5pm

  • Raindrop harmonics I (SGD380 per pax)  Pre-requisite : Planetary Classic VRT /  8 Sept 2018 (Sat) 9-6pm (part 1) &  9 Sept 2018 (Sun), 3-6pm (part 2)
  • Lymphatic Self-care (SGD120 per pax) / 20 Sept 2018 (Thur) 230pm-530pm



  • Lymphatic Self-care (SGD120 per pax) / 3 Oct 2018 (Wed) 7-10pm
  • How to Muscle Test (SGD120) / 4 Oct (Thur) 7-10pm
  • Bible oils Vibrational Raindrop Technique (SGD380 per pax)  Pre-requisite : Planetary Classic VRT  /  27 Oct 2018 (Sat) 9-6pm (part 1) &  28 Oct 2018 (Sun) 3-6pm (part 2)


  • Raindrop Harmonics II/CHAKRA VRT (SGD380 per pax)  Pre-requisite : Planetary Classic VRT  /  23 Nov 2018 (Sat) 9-6pm (part1) &  24 Nov 2018 (Sun) 9-1230pm (part2)
  • Raindrop Harmonics III/CHROMATIC VRT (SGD380 per pax)  Pre-requisite : Planetary Classic VRT  /  24 Nov 2018 (Sun) 2-6pm (part 1) &  25 Nov 2018 (Mon) 9-6pm (part 2)









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In the course of my work, I get to do a lot of travel (though my favourite place is to be at home.)

The latest course I did brought me to Egypt, a lesser travelling destination for the people around me, so I decided to write something that I hope, will be of help to people who may be travelling to Egypt soon.


There are 2 ways you can get this done. To “play safe”, I decided to apply mine at the Egypt Embassy in Singapore. They asked me for the reason for me to travel o Egypt, and when I say I am there on course, they put me on business visa application that costs SGD100. (Tourist visa are at SGD60). They only accept application 10am – 12pm each day and will return you on the 3rd business day from 2pm-4pm. Bring along actual passport , a photo of 2 inches by 2 inches, photocopy of passport, flight ite, hotel voucher and any other relevant documents to show what you are doing in Egypt Google for their embassy, it is found at CENTRAL, and you actually have to intercom their office before you can get into the lift which brings you to their office.

Now having said all that, there is another easy and cheaper way. The Visa on Arrival. You do nothing before you fly. When you land in Cairo airport, look for bank counters before immigration and buy a Visa on arrival for USD25. Job done. If only I had known earlier. T.T


You can exchange for Egyptian pounds at the airport. Everywhere you go in Egypt, tipping is expected. I have never been to a country where I need to tip so much. And if you did not tip them enough, they are not shy to let you know. For 3-4 days, about USD200 would be just nice, if you do not do excessive shopping. Just for sightseeing and add-on items, additional food, tipping etc.


My travel mate made prior arrangement over email with Egypt Unlimited Tours and liased directly with Mohamed Mustafa, their General Manager. ( Mohamed is very hospitable and resourceful. He can cover everything from hotel, sightseeing, shopping and even domestic air tickets to Luxor.Just let him know what you have in mind and he will come up with the suggestions. He also charge reasonably. He has a good team of English speaking guides and the ones who came with us to the sites were Egyptologists who is very knowledgeable and speaks well. He has been doing group tours for Singaporeans too.



The Pyramid tours is a must. On ours, we went to Saqqara, Dashur, and Giza. At that time, the Dashur and the Great pyramid is open for visitors if you want to go inside the pyramid. We had to pay for extra ticket to enter the one at the Great Pyramid. Guide told us the one at Dashur (AKA the Red pyramid) was the hardest to do as the tunnel is low and long. I went up to the entrance, looked into it and decided that I would rather watch a youtube on it then to go down that long, low narrow tunnel. J At the Great pyramid, I had to go into the pyramid and climbed the first part of the tunnel en route the King’s chamber. I had to go after somebody who went in. THAT’s WHY. And after about the first 10 mins of ascending into that tunnel, the people involved had a glimpse into what else is to come and all the physical workout involved and decided maybe it is better to turn back, then to end up having to accompany the King. I would say it is not for the claustrophobic, the asthmatic, or those with heart troubles. For the fit and adventurers, I would strongly recommend you to go for it. After all, you have come this far. ONLY ONE suggestion – drink up and remove your jacket before ascending/decending into the tunnels. Google and have a look at the images or videos so you know what to expect.

We did not get to do donkeys and camels. Guess you have to request before hand if you like to include that as part of your ite.

Of course, we were also taken to the papyrus shop to see and shop.


 It would be wonderland for people who are into Cosmology, Egyptology, Greek and Egyptian Mythology. For me, I went because it is part of what I am learning.

When the ancient built their places of worship, they did land survey based on the energy systems of the Earth. On example to illustrate this comes from the tour guide that brought us to the gates of Cairo on a night tour. How do the ancient find a piece of land with ‘good energy quality’? One of the way is they will hang pieces of meat at various locations.   In some places, the meat will get moldy. In some they starts to rot soon. In a place where the meat does not get mold or rot, and just gets dried up, they knew then that that place has good energy qualities. They also learn to build their gates, door and paths according to the gridline system of the Earth. Part of all these are actually discussed by Dr Karim in Biogeometry, the study of what brought me to Egypt.

Another thing that amazes me the most from the beginning to the end, is how the ancient managed such architecture and art before the age of machinery. Structures were huge and all the digging and engraving are massive project with a lot of order and quality. With all our technology, we may not be able to achieve what they have achieved.

All the temples we have visited are in Luxor, as sightseeing time was limited for us. We took a night flight out of Cairo, into Luxor (1h 10 min) and spent the next 2 days visiting temples. Day 1 in Luxor and Day 2 in Aswan, a 3h car ride from Luxor.

The most beautiful temple at night: Luxor temple

The most powerful temple according to the guide : Karnak temple

The most intriguing temple: Temple of Isis, out on an island on Aswan, the present day temple is actually shifted stone by stone from its original site and put together again!

Other places we visited here would be the Alabaster school, where they sell crafts handmade from Alabaster and also crystals mined from Sinai, carved into shapes and symbols of ancient Egyptian Mythology. Yes, according to them, the accept anything – which means USD, Egyptian pounds, VISA, MASTER, AMEX. At shops like this, one has to bargain. Don’t be surprised if the final price you get is around 20-25% then how you started if you are really good at the ART.

While we are here in Cairo and not with the tour, we mostly get around on Uber. For the main reason that we speak no Arabic and the roads where we were, can be a mess. GPS would be a great help.

That’s about it. I hope this information will be useful to you when you plan your Egyptian travel.

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Upcoming COLORPUNCTURE classes 2018

Information lifted from



Esogetic Colorpuncture is a holistic healing system which offers a unique way to get to the very roots of many health problems. It is designed to address the non-physical origins of illness as well as its physical symptoms.

Esogetic Colorpuncture is an advanced system of color acu-light therapy and one of Europe’s most popular new healing modalities. It’s originator, German scientist and naturopath Peter Mandel, conducted over 25 years of intensive empirical research to develop this unique system.

Esogetic Colorpuncture combines ancient esoteric or spiritual principals of the Hermetic Doctrines with the energetic wisdom and concepts of Chinese medicine and the modern scientific knowledge of light biophysics.

Colorpuncture is an advanced healing technology in which gentle, non-invasive vibrations of light are introduced to the body via acu- points on the skin.

Colorpuncture also emphasizes treating the psycho-spiritual roots of health problems as well as the physical symptoms. Specific Colorpuncture treatments gently unlock and release emotional trauma and blocked information in the unconscious which may be contributing to symptoms of illness and pain.


Upcoming Colorpuncture class in SINGAPORE taught by Dr Rosemary Bourne


Sat April 7-Sunday April 8,  2018: Introduction to Esogetics (9:30am to 5:30pm)

Early Bird SGD350 (register and pay before Feb 28th).  Full rate SGD380.

2 class bundle @ SGD680 and 3 classes bundle @$950 (Available till Feb 28th).

This is a 2-day workshop for professional healers and laymen interested in learning about Peter Mandel’s Esogetic Colorpuncture. You will receive a thorough theoretical introduction to the work and we will also teach you specific treatments that you can begin to use on yourself and your clients. We place a strong emphasis on hands on practice of the treatments and personal experience of Colorpuncture therapies.

The topics which will be addressed in this weekend include:

  • Theories of color application and balancing. Latest research regarding the effects of light and color on the body and psyche.
  • Overview of the Esogetic Colorpuncture healing system.
  • An introduction to the understanding of the energetic stages of disease progression and evaluation. Related treatments for hormonal balancing, detoxing (lymph drainage) and regeneration.
  • Dream zone therapy: how to stimulate healing dream processes through the application of color.
  • Simple home use Colorpuncture treatments to support the body’s natural healing process for colds and bronchitis, spinal relaxation, pain and headaches, immune strengthening, and learning problems.
  • Introduction to Mandel’s Esogetic Sound therapies.


April 12th -13th, 2018 (Thursday –Friday)  9:30am to 5pm

Early Bird SGD350 (register and pay before Feb 28th).  Full rate SGD380.

2 class bundle @ SGD680 and 3 classes bundle @$950 (Available till Feb 28th).




Crystals have long been understood to carry specific information that they radiate and by which they interact with other living beings. Several years ago Peter Mandel, German acupuncturist and naturopath, began to work with the idea of imprinting custom-made Swarovski crystals to support sick people. The crystals are cut in a certain pattern to act as a cellular interference to balance disorganized information. By opening these patterns they make procedures easier for therapists and patients.

Peter Mandel’s custom made crystals have an excellent effect in the treatment of physical and emotional pain. This pain reduction feature and the speed of the reaction is attributed to the facetted cut which creates a reaction through the refraction of light that comes from the outside and also the inside of the body.

Our intention in presenting this material to acupuncturists is to help them understand the effects of crystals on cellular structures and to show specific protocols that can easily be incorporated into an acupuncture practice.

  • Students will be introduced to and be able to describe the nature of crystals and how they effect cellular organisms via their six sided shape, their piezo electric effect and other mathematical aspects.
  • Students will understand the construction of Peter Mandel’s crystals and how they emit electromagnetic vibrations and erase pathological reactions such as pain.
  • Students will demonstrate proficiency using the Gold and Silver crystals to balance left, right and front and back brain imbalances. These treatments are used for various types of head trauma.
  • Students will be able to perform the General sequence for well being and for balancing inner tension.
  • Students will have see a demonstration and practice in the treatment of the Nine Joint Sutures of the Skull.
  • Students will be encouraged to share their experiences with the treatments and to understand and work with treatment reactions.


April 14th-15th 2018 (Saturday – Sunday), 9:30am to 5:30pm



Early Bird SGD350 (register and pay before Feb 28th).  Full rate SGD380.

2 class bundle @ SGD680 and 3 classes bundle @$950 (Available till Feb 28th).

In this class we will focus on two back therapy modalities. The first is the Puttkamer segments. In Joachim von Puttkamer’s book “Organ Manipulation Through Massage” he describes precisely positioned points and zones that are excellent reflections of the inner organs mirroring on the back. The intention of this class is to teach these zones and demonstrate their effectiveness in evaluating and treating organ stress.

On day 2,  the Color Connective Tissue Massage will be taught.  The Color Connective tissue massage is a therapy for spinal chord disorders connected to progressive nervous system disorders such as Parkinsons and ALS. This treatment can also be effective for healthy people as a color light massage for energy, circulation and pain. It can also be used for psychosomatic disorders.


Register for classes here.

Venue : 38, Jalan Pemimpin #06-05 S577178

Details on how to get to the venue can be found here.


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Lymphatic Selfcare

We run a 3h class on Lymphatic Self-care.

The next run is in January and the sign up link is here.

Here are some of the feedback from out participants of the Lymphatic Self-care class.

Sumi Said: Thank you cynthia . I learnt Lymph Drainage I & II n hv been using n sharing it but u made it even more v v simple . Wow.
Its hands on . The diagrams helps alot. Please continue teaching ya . I will invite you to my center. I like the wow !!! Pre n Post activities . It speaks for itself. Caregivers taking care of the ederly  could greatly  benefit from this. Make it lots easier when they can get ease of movement

Linda Poh : 1.Lymphatic self care class is not as complicated as it sounds.
But an eye opener for me realizing that there are so many simple ways to move our lymph; an important step for managing all round wellness.
Cynthia made it so easily understood and feasible.
That is so crucial for one to duplicate and practise at home.
2. I would highy recommend this class.
3. Size of the class is perfect. Casual and cozy; so we get better attention😂😂
Thank you Cynthia



video – A short introduction to the lymphatic system



a good lymphatic self massage to clear the sinues

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