Vision, Action, and, FAITH

In Mar 2006, i came across the glass igloos on the internet and I said, “WOW! I must get myself there. The picture I saw, so captivated me, it birthed in me, a vision! which i held on and eventually it got manifested some years later!

and, on hindsight, the actual on-site experience, for me, was overrated. What still remains in me, up to today, wasnt the glass igloo. It was the fact that i had a vision, i held on to it, I acted on it and eventually it manifested!The joy and satisfaction of the whole process was far more satisfying to me, then the visit to the land with the glass igloo on it. The ACTUAL experience was just COLDDDDDDD. Even the sighting of the Northen Lights was more or less an EGO thing. If i gone all the way there and didn’t see the lights, its like not doing the trip justice and some self-inflicted stress might be going on there. AND, even that wasn’t the magical part for me. It’s the process of I see it (vision), I held it (Faith and Believe) and acted on it (Action!) , by God’s Grace of course.

And then when I was much younger, i was watching Korean drama and there was a scene where the protagonist went to Pokhara, Nepal and I was so captivated by what I saw on the screen (the town, not the O-paaaa), i did some research and discovered ANNAPURNA! and there again a vision was born. I saw days later somebody posted of a photo of a guesthouse that oversees the entire Pokhara valley and the ANNApurna! The vision was so compelling. At that time, finances is still a constraint. And so again, i set to Action and Prayer. I lugged my backpack with tuning forks in them, planned and taught a tuning fork class in KL, that would help part finance my NEPAL/POKHARA trip, and flew out straight from KL in AIRASIA to Kathmandu on the low-cost carrier! And upon landing in Kathmandu, they could not locate my backpack. :D. And i travelled Nepal for 7 days on my handcarry – and discovered hey! That works. The beauty in it, by the time i returned to Kathmandu to fly out, they returned me my backpack. Nothing was lost, my backpack had free storage for 7 days and with the insurance claimed on lost luggage, i had my trip, all expense covered, and then some more left overs. God always blessed til my cup overflows.

Annapurna in the background. This bossini shirt was bought in Nepal. As my luggage was not with me from Day 1-7!

Where does faith comes in? Before i set off for Nepal, it was my prayer to God, that it should be a trip where I learn about faith and reliance on God. Because It is my first trip to Nepal, and I am travelling alone. No travel partner, no tour group, Kinda plan to go with the flow. It was the reliance on God that gave me the courage and strength. And of course, my GOD, who always rose to the occasion, really did his part, misplaced luggage included, so as not to let m e miss out on any part of the experience. 🙂

What inspired me to pen this down today, I am about to embark on working out another of God-given vision, that which he planted in me years ago, in the form of SELF-CARE RESOURCES. The mission of SCR, to EDUCATE and EMPOWER people in the area of self-health management. The clarity and vision has reached a new level that makes it compelling, makes me wake up each morning with a spring in my step and moving along with joy and excitement. I am into the beginnings of new chapter. What makes it exciting as usual, is the Holy Spirit is leading, as always.

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Upcoming Class – Touch For Health Level 1

Dates : 10 /12/2022 (Day 1) and 11/12/2022 (Day 2)  SATURDAY & SUNDAY

Time : 930am to 530pm

Venue : Sin Ming

Fees : SGD500 (fees include a copy of “Touch for Health – The complete Edition” by Dr John Thie and Matthew Thie – )

Email to enquire /register :

Class size : 4 pax only


Touch for Health Level 1 is for laypeople and health professionals. You will learn the art of muscle testing and the basic procedure to balance the body’s muscles and acupuncture meridians as presented in Dr. John Thie’s book, Touch for Health.

You will learn:

  • To increase your energy level
  • Reduce stress and pain
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Enhance immune system function

The basic balancing system includes:

  • How to test and correct 14 muscles/meridians, including the spinal reflexes, neurolymphatic reflexes, neurovascular points, and meridians
  • You will learn how to assess nutritional support for the muscles
  • How to effectively reduce emotional stress and pain by touch

LEVEL 1 syllabus – Balance-as-you-go
Triangle of Health
Muscle Testing

Pretests: • Accurate indicator muscle (AIM)
• Switching On Techniques
• Central Meridian Zip up Zip down
• Hydration Check
• “Challenging” • Physical, Biochemical, Emotional, Energetic
• Self-Responsibility Model

Muscle Energy Balancing Methods
• Neuro-lymphatic Massage • Neurovascular Holding Points
• Meridian Tracing
• Origin / Insertion Technique
• Spinal Reflexes
• Strengthening with food • Walking / Cross Crawl
• Auricular Energy
• Visual Inhibition
• Opposing Muscle Strengthening
• Surrogate Testing • Simple Pain Control: Feathering
• Spindling: Flushing/Running Meridians
• ESR for Present Distress

Muscles: Balance as you Go Method
• Central / Supraspinatus
• Governing / Teres Major
• Stomach / Pectoralis Major Clavicular
• Spleen / Latissimus Dorsi
• Heart / Subscapularis • Small Intestine / Quadriceps
• Bladder / Peroneus
• Kidney / Psoas
• CirculationSex / Gluteus Medius
• Triple Warmer / Teres Minor • Gall Bladder / Anterior Deltoid
• Liver / Pectoralis Major Sternal
• Lung / Anterior Serratus
• Large Intestine / Fascia Lata

Basic 14 Muscle Balance with a Goal

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Eight Signs You Might Be B12 Deficient

You may download Dr Mercola’s article on B12 deficiency here. in pdf

From Dr Mercola’s article, he wrote :

Low Vitamin B12 Symptoms Not so Unrelated After All

The list of symptoms that could be placed on a B12 deficiency’s proverbial doorstep is a long one, but many symptoms are associated with your central nervous system. Too little B12 in your system might also resonate if you’ve experienced poor vision, weakness, tingling in your hands or feet and incidences of “clumsiness.” Eight common signs that indicate low B12 levels are:

NauseaDigestive issues
WeaknessSkin infections
Mental confusionNerve problems

But it’s also important to understand that several areas of the body can be adversely affected with a vitamin B12 deficiency, and that while many of the symptoms may seem unrelated, as the saying goes, one thing often leads to another.

Some other key points highlighted in the article:-


-keep your nervous system healthy

-make DNA 

-to produce red blood cells

Therefore B12 deficiency can lead to nervous system challenge, DNA stress, and situations relating to low oxygenation, as it is the red blood cell that transports oxygen.

GROUPS AT-RISK for B12 deficiencies

-vegans and vegetarians (B12 is derived from animal products)

-older adults

-people with gastrointestinal and malabsorption issues

-those on metformin (for diabetes)

Transdermal Vitamin B12 patch from Neogenesis is the form of B12 delivery whereby you stick a small patch sticker behind the ear. It is designed for slow release over 24h. One only needs to use 2 patches per week. A pack has 8 patches that last for a month.

We carry them at our webstore here.


Each Patch Contains:

  • Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin): 1000mcg
  • Folic Acid: 400mcg
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Lumbrozyme is available at our store. email to enquire (

What is Lumbrokinase?

Lumbrokinase (LK) is a group of six novel proteolytic enzymes derived from the earthworm Lumbricus rubellus. These enzymes have potent fibrin-dissolving properties, decrease fibrinogen, lower blood viscosity, and markedly reduce platelet aggregation.

The last 10 years have been a busy time for scientists exploring the medicinal treasures of earthworms. Laboratory, animal and human studies have shown isolated enzymes and compounds from the earthworm to be potent and safe fibrinolytics.[1]

Earthworms are amazing in that they can kill bacteria and lyse foreign cells in spite of the fact that, unlike us, they have no adaptive immune system and do not form antibodies. Earthworms happily munch their way through garbage teeming with bacteria and fungi, and not only fight off infection but also alter that garbage so that their nitrogen- and mineral-rich castings transform it into fertile, oxygen-rich soil.

Lumbrokinase is nature’s most powerful fibrinolytic enzyme. It has been shown to be:

  • 30 TIMES STRONGER than Nattokinase
  • 300 TIMES STRONGER than Serrapeptase

Key Benefits:

  • Dissolves fibrin
  • Degrades fibrinogen
  • Lowers Inflammation
  • Breaks down biofilm

Fibrin – a critical heart disease risk factor

Fibrin is a protein formed in the blood that is part of the normal clotting process of the blood. This is essential to stop bleeding, but fibrin forms in the blood in response to many other factors, including chronic inflammation. In these cases it becomes a serious problem as it restricts blood flow, leading to heart disease, thrombosis (clotting), and embolism (a clot traveling in a vein).

Biofilm – bacterial architecture

Most people think of bacteria in the body as free-floating single cells. However, that’s not how most bacteria live in the human body. Rather, they exist in colonies called biofilms. When bacteria stick to a surface, they create slimy substances out of minerals, sugar molecules, and other nutrients that they steal from your body, as well as fibrin. This is what’s known as a biofilm.

While some biofilms may be beneficial, most aren’t desirable for your tissue and organ health. Bacteria hide out, feed and replicate in biofilms, which allows them to remain undetected by your immune system and escape intervention. This is largely because of the biofilm’s outer polysaccharide protective covering, which includes fibrin protein. Biofilms have been implicated in a variety of health conditions, and scientists claim that over 80% of microbial infections can be attributed to biofilm.

Lumbrokinase has been shown to break down biofilm by dissolving the fibrin that holds the biofilm matrix together. What sets it apart from other enzymes used to break down biofilm is that it is not only much stronger than those enzymes, but it is also safer in that it only becomes active in the presence of fibrin, and it does not interfere with the blood’s clotting cascade. As it does not affect INR or aPTT, it is compatible with blood thinners, including heparin and Warfarin®.

Lumbrozyme – Additional Information & Research Highlights 

Lumbrokinase, a combination of six enzymes enzyme derived from the common earthworm, is known for its ability to support healthy blood flow, heart and brain health. Now scientists have discovered that this novel enzyme group may be able to assist with a whole lot more.

Enzymes known as proteolytic or fibrinolytic enzymes are designed to break down proteins, but not just the proteins in your food. When you take enzymes with food, they stay in your intestinal tract to digest food. However, when you take proteolytic enzymes between meals or when food isn’t in your stomach, they quickly enter your bloodstream, help clean up your blood and make their way to your tissues and organs.

These special enzymes go to work in a seek-and-destroy-type mission to help break down and clear out proteins that don’t belong there. Think of them as a Pacman in a video game – when food isn’t present, they seek out foreign proteins throughout your body.

Fibrinolytic enzymes also help remove fibrin, a clotting material that your body makes that can restrict blood flow in your arteries and connective or muscle tissue.

We have been using Lumbrokinase enzymes in our practices for a few years with phenomenal results in cases of clotting where modern allopathic medicine failed. We have also seen great results with chronic infections of all kinds and slow healing wounds.

Live blood analysis practitioners will see improvements in these indicators:

  • Fibrin (darkfield)
  • Neutrophil viability
  • Platelet aggregation
  • Chronic infection indicators
  • L-form (CWD) bacteria
  • Pleomorphic bacterial phases

We have used it successfully in practice in:

  • Chronic viral Infections (combined with Lamaria and other supportive herbal therapy)
  • Chronic CWD Infections like Lyme, Rickettsia and other co-infections (combined with Lamaria and other supportive herbal therapy)
  • Infections that do not respond to traditional herbal treatments
  • Immune-depressed patients
  • Blood clotting issues
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Elevated fibrin
  • Poor circulation (combined with Ceraflow)
  • Venous issues (combined with Venaflow)
  • Recovery from stroke (combined with Ceraflow)
  • Heart and artery health (combined with Arterioflow or Hawthorn)
  • High blood pressure (combined with Tenseguard and Nephrolin)

Is fibrin getting in the way of your well-being?

So how can you tell if fibrin or rogue proteins are affecting your health?

  • Do you have concerns about your blood pressure or heart health?
  • Do you have blood flow issues anywhere in your body?
  • Are you troubled by pain?
  • Do you have a build-up of scar tissue from an injury or surgery?
  • Do you feel tired and can’t seem to get enough rest to feel fully recharged?
  • Are you deficient in certain minerals?

All of these are just a few of the signs that you might benefit from proteolytic or fibrinolytic enzymes.

Fibrinolytic enzymes help break down fibrin and:

  • Support dissolving and removing fibrin’s cross-linked proteins.
  • Improves blood flow to tissues by reducing platelet aggregation or blood cell clumping, sometimes called “sticky blood.”
  • Inhibit proinflammatory prostaglandins like thromboxane.
  • Support your body’s ability to reduce hardening of your arteries.

With sticky blood, small blood clot deposits containing fibrin protein occur on the lining of blood vessels and can interfere with healthy blood flow.

The Key to Lumbrokinase: Active Only in the Presence of Fibrin

One key, remarkable property of lumbrokinase is that, unlike other fibrinolytic agents, it is only active in the presence of fibrin. Though it dissolves fibrinogen and fibrin very specifically, it hardly hydrolyses other important blood proteins such as plasminogen or albumin.[2] It has very low risks of causing haemorrhage due to excessive fibrinolysis.[3]

A 2001 study tested one of the six enzymes of LK to determine whether it passes into the blood from the intestines while maintaining its biological activity.[4] The study found that approximately 10% of the full-size enzyme could pass through the intestinal epithelium intact and into the blood.

Human Studies Demonstrate Potency and Efficacy

Clinical trials in humans have found Lumbrokinase to be safe and effective as a thrombolytic agent.

Freeze-dried earthworm powder was given orally at a dosage of 120mg to seven healthy volunteers aged 28 to 52 years old three times a day for 17 days.[5] Blood was drawn before the trial to establish a baseline, and then at selected intervals through the trial until the end of the study. Fibrin degradation products, tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) levels, and fibrinolytic activity were measured in the blood. The tPA levels and fibrinolytic activity gradually increased through the entire experiment.

In an even more significant study from Shanghai Medical University in 2000, LK was used in 51 patients who had suffered a stroke.[6] Several measures of blood viscosity were evaluated, as well as the Chinese stroke score. In the treatment group, tPA activity and D-dimer level increased and fibrinogen decreased significantly, while plasminogen activator inhibitor activity and prothrombin time were unchanged. This suggests that LK may not only be beneficial for ischemic stroke, but also that it does not increase the risk of excessive bleeding as anticoagulants can. Since the original publication, a larger, multi-centre study published in 2013 showed treatment of ischemic stroke patients with Lumbrokinase for one year reduced not only fibrinogen levels but also decreased vulnerable plaques and carotid artery intima–media thickness, among other things, compared to control.[7]

How Biofilms Allow Bacteria to Hide Out in Your Body

Biofilms can form just about anywhere in the body, such as in your mouth, sinuses, ears, heart and arteries, kidneys, bladder and gastrointestinal tract. Biofilms can form anywhere where there’s a surface and enough moisture. Dental plaque that forms on your teeth each day is a biofilm.

Your GI tract is an ideal location for bacteria and the formation and survival of their biofilms. There’s a lot of surface area and no shortage of moisture or nutrients.

If your intestinal lining is damaged (GMOs and glyphosate are just two things that can damage your gut lining) or have less-than-optimal gut health, this can create the perfect opportunity for bacteria to take hold and construct a biofilm.

Biofilms are extremely difficult to detect. Even if you knew where they lingered in your body, obtaining a sample would require an invasive procedure. And if you did have one in the lining of your GI tract, there’s no current procedure available to remove it.

A healthy immune system is your best way to help slow biofilm formation. When your immune system detects one forming, it goes to work to help break it down. Once biofilms take hold, proteolytic enzymes can give your body a helping hand in breaking them down.

If you’re not already taking Neoflora, I highly recommend you do so. Research shows that probiotics and fulvic acid may help disrupt the activity of biofilms in your gut.

The “Chinese Secret” to Busting Fibrin and Biofilms: Lumbrokinase Enzymes

There are several oral proteolytic enzymes available today that can help break down fibrin and biofilms. These include pancreatic enzymes, bromelain, nattokinase, serrapeptase, and lumbrokinase.

Extensively studied in China, lumbrokinase is a group of very strong and novel fibrinolytic enzymes sourced from earthworms. Earthworms have been used in Traditional Chinese medicine in East Asia for thousands of years, but it’s only recently that earthworm fibrinolytic enzymes, or EFEs, from Lumbricus rubellus have become available.

Researchers have discovered that EFE from L. rubellus is not one, but a mix of six enzymes – all serine protease components with different fibrinolytic activities. These EFEs, or lumbrokinase as it’s called, are effective at breaking apart fibrin and the fibrin protein that holds the biofilm matrix together. And because it breaks down fibrin protein, lumbrokinase can also improve sticky blood which could otherwise enhance risk for blood clots.

Lumbrokinase is believed to be able to penetrate through thick clumps of gut bacteria or biofilms. Here’s something else that makes lumbrokinase stand apart from the others: it has a built-in balancing mechanism that promotes both fibrinolysis and fibrinogenesis. That means it can both break down and build up fibrin, depending upon your body’s needs. I believe this is likely what gives lumbrokinase such a great safety record of use, and why it has been so helpful to many people.


[1] Dong Q, et al. The efficacy and safety of lumbrokinase capsule in treatment of cerebral infarction. Chinese New Drug J. 2004;13:257-9.

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Further Studies:

[8] Milner M. Nattokinase: A Potent and Safe Thrombolytic. FOCUS Newsletter. November 2008:2-7.

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[15] Cooper E. New Enzyme Complex Isolated from Earthworms is Potent Fibrinolytic: Lumbrokinase has Anti-Platelet, Anti-Thrombotic Activity. Focus. 2009, Mar.

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JIN SHIN JYTSU – Great resource for self-care

I am a JSJ practitioner. This is a great modality and one of the most minimally invasive modalities I have come across (with the baseline that there is NOTHING that is totally NON-invasive). I usually share some of these holds as a home program for anyone keen to build their health.

Jin Shin Jyutsu®  (JSJ)physio-philosophy is an ancient art of harmonizing the life energy in the body. Born of innate wisdom and passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth, the Art had fallen into relative obscurity when it was dramatically revived in the early 1900’s by Master Jiro Murai in Japan.

26 sel



JSJ is used to clear energy blockades, releass tension, stimulate self-healing powers and creates the necessary conditions for optimal health and individual well-being.

Body, mind and soul are in balance when life energy is able to flow freely. The life energy flows through our body along pathways and is divided into three superordinate harmony flows, twelve organ flows and a number of additional flows. Along the three main flows lie the 26 “safety energy locks” (energy centers) arranged in pairs. They can be contacted and controlled directly by hands.

Each organ has its own energy flow with a clearly defined path. Stress, anger, frustration, fear and shock can restrain or even block the energy flow in and to the energy centers. The energy flow circumvents the obstruction and looks for a new path, thus causes a local imbalance. Several such imbalances disturb the entire energy flow with a correspondingly negative impact on vitality and well-being.




RESOURCES for Self-care


Great link here that talks a little more about the finger holding, which is ever so nourishing and supportive to all situations.

The Main Central Universal Harmonizing Flow – great for settling and harmonizing any sort of imbalance in your system

We provide therapy services for this modality 🙂

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We have relocated our practice!

Sessions are now conducted at Core Collective’s 4 different branches on different days of the week.

The following is our Therapy menu for July to September 2022

This is a link for you to book sessions.

If you book a session by end August, they are still at a rate of SGD120 per session (see below).

From August onwards, fees will be revised.

Package price are available. Email to enquire.

Most often than not, people are not sure what modalities they would like to come in for, no worries, just book a session and we will take it from there.

For first timers, there will be a complimentary 30 min intake discussion over zoom to determine your therapeutic objectives.

Therapy Menu offer at Core Collective

  1. Craniosacral Therapy (Biodynamic / Upledger)
  2. Jin Shin Jytsu
  3. Touch for Health Kinesiology
  4. ZYTO consultations
  5. ZYTO EVOX consultations (email separately to enquire)

HOW TO GET TO the various core collective centers. Click here.

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Craniosacral therapy : Biodynamic vs Upledger

Therapist Profile/Listing

What Dr John Upledger wrote on Craniosacral Therapy

I am often asked by fellow colleagues and practitioners, what would be the difference between the Craniosacral therapy between that BIODYNAMIC CRANIOSACRAL therapy offered by BODYINTELLIGENCE (BI)( and that taught through the UPLEDGER Institute (

Upledger CST was developed by the late Dr John Upledger between 1975 to 1983 and has since gone around the globe, and today it is being practised and taught in multiple countries. Biodynamic CST was formed by Ged Sumner (my teacher!) in 2008 and today also offers training in multiple countries around the globe.

I started my journey with BI way back in 2009 I believe, and the motivation was to find a way to self-help, after having to endured a lower back slipped disc surgery at a young age of 33 ?. Little did I knew then that BCST was going to change my life forever. The story of the day is to learn to perceive and trust, the information and action that is happening within the table and without the table, learning to trust the Breathe of Life, and the tide that can be perceived, through the hands, through the state of being and allow nature, healing or any other name given to it, to have the SPACE, to allow to manifest and work its way to health.

The learning of such skills was a struggle from the beginning, as it involves a lot of learning on anatomy, and a lot of un-learning – to get out of the head more, and to learn to perceive. I started learning about PERCEPTION as feeling – “what am I feeling under my hands?” and trust me, for the first few modules, all I felt was skin. And we were told to do CASE WRITEUP, how is the potency of the body, its fluidity, is the system in Cranio Rhythmic Impulse (CRI) or mid-tide, are we at a still point, was a holistic shift perceived, etc. And for the most part, all I felt was SKIN. I remember vividly a friend of mine was kind enough to come over, lie on the therapy table and let me practise on her. After half an hour of putting my hands on her, she sat up and said “I am sorry to say this, but I totally felt nothing for the last half an hour. Can i go now?” And I thought I probably need some trauma work on myself to get over the embarrassment.

It was towards the end of the course, possibly around module 7 or 8 that the perceptions began to kick in. Wow! I can literally perceive STILLNESS. It was such a state of bliss, I feel I can hang out there for a long long time. I can feel the nervous system firing away in this person, on the other, I can feel fascia tension. After months of learning to perceive, perception is happening.

At that stage of learning with BCST, anything can happen or show up on the table. It is like receiving Christmas presents, I have no expectation going into the session, and sometimes I do not have a clear idea what had unfolded in the session, except that we are both in a better position after each session. I have had some recipients who have more sensitive felt sense than others. These are the ones that are so happy to come in, as they can feel in their body a better sense of well-being going out.

One grateful recipient of this modality of BCST was my late father, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, towards the end of my study with BI. I gave him a session every night, and this was something he would look forward to. Every session of BCST will bring his pain level down at least 50% or more, so he can go to sleep much more peacefully. I remembered sending him to ADIDA (one of my teachers in BCST) who offered pro bono work on him. And 2 of us will put our hands on him, right after his chemo session in Singapore Cancer Center. And I can palpate the chaotic rhythms in his systems each time and watch the orchestra of the breathe of life coming into the space, and by the end of the session, the tsunamis had been calmed, and the familiar rhythm and tides were once again restored to him. Otherwise, mum said dad would always be waiting at the door each night with his pillow in hand looking forward to my home coming from work, to welcome the therapy. 🙂

When i discovered Kheng ( and the wonderful plethora of therapies she is bringing to Singapore, I was almost euphoric. Thanks to her organisation, I was able to study also the UPLEDGER craniosacral therapies and I attended almost all the Upledger classes she brought in and also the reviews. At one time, a fellow classmate commented that I was like a piece of furniture at Kheng’s center – I was always there 😀

Upledger CST 1 and CST 2 was like coming back to the foundations of craniosacral anatomy and physiology. Being the mental-predominant type for 30+ years all the year until I met BCST, coming to Upledger was like homecoming to the more mental me. The anatomy of the cranio-sacral system was discussed at length, and table work includes to literally putting our hands on to palpate the physical articulatory movement between the bones! Coming to Upledger after BCST is like going back to kindergarten after I have completed college! Somebody said Upledger work is purely biomechanical! At the time, I thought it was so too. However, the more MECHANICAL part of the work, seemed to be only limited to CSTI (module 1) and part of CST II. In these classes, we learn to palpate healthy craniosacral rhythm movements in the body. Such a rhythm exists in the entire system, not just limited to the cranium or spine! and though an elegantly designed, now well-known Upledger 10-step protocol ( when duly executed, will restored bulk of the Craniosacral rhythm throughout the body! And this is just what someone might need in order to be able to sleep well, eat well, move well, and love well! And for the left-brain dominant who needs structure, steps, and specificity, starting off with Upledger might be a lighter option!

And just when I thought UPLEDGER is all biomechanical, and BCST is well, as the name says BIODYNAMIC, my mind was opened towards the end of CSTII when the concept of the “ENERGY CYST”, ARCHING, Chakras, and subsequently in Somato Emotional Release (SER-1), the introduction to the inner physician, the Significant Detector etc……….which are by no means, purely mechanical! At these higher level classes, it is when the dividing line becomes thin. It also requires skilled perception, Trust, and to be able to LISTEN.

I continue to study other Upledger classes when it was made possible via ZOOM due to COVID. I was privileged to be able to attend Nikki Kenward’s class on the Enteric Nervous System, Tad Wanveer’s classes on the glial, and also classes on cranial nerve and immune system and CST, all under the Upledger umbrella, and I can say that these work employ biodynamic perspectives and functioning, without the use of the word ‘biodynamic’, all recognising the innate wisdom of the body and how with the relevant knowledge, perception, and skills, one is then given the opportunity to hold the key to unlock the potential of wellness within.

So, many has also ask, “Cynthia, wow you are still taking classes?”

Yes, simply because there is so much to learn about this amazing body that God in His divine wisdom, has beautifully put together.

We are our story. When you come to my table, you are sharing your story, with me.

This piece was written as Jennifer has asked,”As someone who has learned both BCST n from Upledger, would you give us your views n comments?”

And right before this, I had completed my last session of today, a participant who had been dealing with insomnia for years. Last week when she came in, a block of wood was lying on the table, There is a blatant sign of someone who had unresolved trauma, and I spent the whole session last week doing trauma resolution and down regulation using at least 5 different technique i had learnt from various classes and modalities.

This week, when she comes back, she said ” I still cannot sleep”. And I said “yup, as I mentioned, it is going to take quite some time” . And we both agree that this time, she is a lot more relaxed when lying on the table compared to last week. I checked through her craniosacral rhythms in the body to find that they are not in sync in many places, so I use mainly Upledger techniques to work on facial release and cranio-articulations in an effort to re-instate these life-giving movements. She could felt releases and fluidity changing as I worked and she was super amazed that she can feel such subtle changes in her body. It was new learning for her. And all the while I was working and attending to her, I was holding also the biodynamic space, open to conversation with her on all levels, that which was a habit built over the years of practice. She left the center with gratitude and relief, and I felt the joy of being able to support another soul in their journey of health, and getting paid for at the end of it. 🙂

Thank you.

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Once upon a time, a health practitioner fell ill……


I was recently tested ART-positive. Some people were a little surprised. But you are a therapist……. And I have many friends who are also wellness advocates. One of them actually shared with me that he/she is feeling some sense of shame to have also tested positive. And that is mainly what inspired me to do this piece of writing.

This “controversy”, for lack of a better term, is not new. As a Christian, this is not new to me. The pastor who was diagnosed with cancer. “Why isn’t his God blessing him?”, “Why is Jesus not healing him?”

So to the Health practitioner, the wellness advocate, the therapist etc, “I thought they are very healthy, how can they get it?”

No shame involved for falling ill. Like my faith, I am but a sinner saved by Grace. Accepting Jesus as the Lord and Saviour of my life, is not buying a guarantee ticket to a smooth-sailing life. Neither is becoming a health practitioner the golden key to a disease free life. That’s not how it works 🙂

Human beings are very vulnerable. That’s my observation after years. My dad was the one with the healthiest lifestyle habit at home. He jogs 3 x a week, eats better than the rest of us, happy go lucky, and yet passed on from pancreatic cancer just past 60 years of age. Being a health practitioner, I have seen many go down overnight. One day, life is as per normal. Overnight, stroke hit, and life is forever changed. Or, some didn’t see it coming, they kept pushing themselves to the limit, until the irreversible is done.

Much like Christianity does not promised a life of roses, yet Jesus is always there to journey with, along with the Father and the Holy Ghost, and the journey is beaded with His amazing Grace, His Compassion, His Providence, and His love.

No, there is no shame to be ART-positive, just like there is no shame to be human being. I am immensely grateful that I have access to so many tools and resources, that I had no suffering through this period. When the cough threatens to break out, I worked on it, and the tide recedes, before it was given chance to work itself into a tsunami. As with the sore throat and the head cold, and the fatigue. All kept at bay with the various tools and resources I have. The essential oils, the essences, the sleep device, the blanket, the pillow, the lamp, the spa, the food. 🙂 I am immensely blessed and eternally grateful.

No blame on anyone who judges. I judge at times, and the Holy Spirit immediately will bring a conviction to my heart to choose compassion over judgement. Further more, let not one heap judgment upon oneself, as neither shame not guilt comes from God, and He is the only one that judges.


and now, for a health practitioner that fell sick, it is a busy time for me! Maybe one thinks that a good practitioner do not fall sick. A practitioner who fell sick can potentially make a better practitioner of herself than before. Not that falling sick is an advantage or a should or “should not”. If it happens, it happens. It is not in my hands. Only my health is largely in my hands. 🙂

Nothing like experiencing it first hand, though my #1 choice is always to be healthy !

On the one hand, my intention is to get well in the shortest time possible, as I am oriented to wellness and health. As such I will have a short window to test out various things that will work well in this case to move the situation in the direction of wellness!

So I am in a very interesting position. I want to get well soonest. That gives me a short time to do my research on this case. If the research works well, I recover very fast, and that shortens my window of research time. 🙂 No controversy here, just an interesting position to be. It is all good! So I am busy working on getting well. Literally. Fallen sick is not rest time. That I am very clear. I have sufficient rest time year round. I do not want to put myself in a position whereby I need to fall sick to rest. That happened already to me some 15 years back. I worked non-stop year round, and a slipped disc op put me out of action for 3 months = REST. Now that is crazy, so I learn. 🙂 REST should be sufficient on a daily basis as much as possible. So yes, research keeps me busy, and I ensure I do also have sufficient rest time. This requires mindfulness at the moment 😉

I am excited to share my findings, and they will be delivered via various platforms whenever they are ready.

Till then, Keep well. Keep healthy!



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ART Positive – Now what? (Part 1)

I woke up in the middle of the night with a searing pain at the back of my throat. 345am. I got up, took some lavender honey to sooth it, and a drop of Dorazo Azul Essential Oil under my tongue. When it began to feel better, I calmly took out my Antigen Rapid test kit and I am not surprised when 2 lines showed up, indicating a positive test. After all, my diet has not changed, and the possibility of this new sensation in the throat is something I have heard about.

I am grateful that if it has to happen, it is happening at this juncture as the “CAT- Community ART Testing” centers have been set up and all I need to do is to go there and do a self-supervised test to log in my status, and then I do not need to take my booster (3rd vax). It was done in a Singaporean-efficient way, taking only 10min for the whole process. My relative had to wait in the clinic for a good 3h just last week, only to get tested!

Now to RECOVER AT HOME, means I am on my own, and I should not go out and infect others. That much I understand.

To say the the symptoms are MILD, is a misnomer. I agree that they are MILDER than what would get 1 into the hospital, oxygen support, or even the ICU. The symptoms are nonetheless, capable of creating suffering, if one do not have the tools to manage them well. I will list down what I experienced, and the tools and resources I have used to manage them so that I can still eat well, sleep well and function despite. These interventions are along the line of wholistic methods of healing. They do take time, effort and discipline; it is not just pill popping. They require an investment of time, money and energy. However, to me, they are worth.

ART-positive overall feels like a terrible bout of severe flu to me. It is a stubborn virus, and if one do not stay on top of it consistently, it keeps raising its ugly heads. I can be working on it well enough, to the point of feeling well, and when I relented, the symptoms can make a strong comeback. That sheds some ideas, why people suffer from Long C- symptoms. They stop intervention too early. Post recovery maintenance is very key.


-searing pain/hoarseness in the throat/coughing

-sinus congestion/blocked nose/cant breathe/ headache (mucus)

With this infection, the body just generate volumes of mucus, I believe as part of the immune response. The body is doing its job of working hard to get rid of pathogenic factors. With this much mucus production, it is no wonder the nose is blocked, the sinus are clogged (resulting in headaches/or heavy headedness) and how to breathe and take in oxygen when your nose is so super blocked?). So once you managed to open up the head lymph and clear the nose blockage, all your symptoms will become much better.

These are the ways I used to manage it and all of the following makes it feels a lot better.

Top choice, a drop of Young Living Dorado Azul essential oil under the tongue and viola! i can feel it clearing up within seconds.…/dorado-azul-essential-oil

Using a Nebulizer – I basically cover my head and the nebulizer with a towel and take about 12-15 counts of deep breathing, using Young Living Essential oils of RC, Dorado Azul, Balsam Fir (Idaho Grand Fir), Eucalyptus Blue, Eucalyptus Globulus and Helichrysum. I do not do them all at one go. I rotate them. They help keep the airways open and so i can breathe again normally.

Meanwhile, I am rolling essential oils on the throat, chest, the upper back and the tummy ever so often! (Thieves, Cool Azul, RC, Breathe again roll on, thieves roll on, raindrop in a bottle). One kind of have to do the above on an hourly basis! It is more than doing it once and hoping for the best! As I mentioned earlier, it takes work, for healing to happen!

For immediate throat discomfort relief, i did the following:-

1)I have some lavender honey in the fridge, though I would have preferred manuka honey (gotta get some soon!). By kind of sucking on the honey at the back of the throat it brought a lot of comfort to the discomfort 🙂

2)Coconut oil pulling –…/6-benefits-of-oil-pulling…
Remember to spit it away in the end!

3)Apple Cider Vinegar gargle…/apple-cider-vinegar-for-a…

4)Young LIving Thieves mouthwash gargle

Repeat them / Do all and see what works for you!

Another very powerful tool that brings relief to me under 10 min is the Eagle Guardian Imprinter and remedy maker. So i woke up and when i cough, the throat has a searing pain and soreness and it was also there when I swallow. I took a sample of my body fluid through my nose (by now we are all very competent in that, put it on the remedy maker, and press “make” and it will make a homeopathic antidote for me on the output area! That is an antidote that is unique to me, as it is designed to neutralized what is in that body fluid that is causing the imbalance in my body. The remedy maker can be used for any situation for that matter!

with that remedy, i can then use the Guadian 4, another device, though it may look similar, to amplify the strength of this antidote and subsequently imprint it unto a bottle of water that i can keep drinking throughout the day. once the water runs low, I just need to top it up with additional water, the more dilute, the better it works, as with homeopathic principles!

and with Guardian 4 or the remedy maker, I can do a continuous output via the twin ray which is a light pointer, to emit the frequencies of the antidote and the essential oils, unto my throat area where the discomfort is. Within 10minutes of doing that, I would feel a significant alleviation of the pain/soreness in my throat! coughing incidences reduced as well. I repeat this process throughout the day as needed. Again it is not a one time fix all. It takes consistent work.

This amazing tool was introduced to my by my husband Dr Harris (who is not a medical Dr by the way, more of a spiritual one 🙂 as it was in the area of Christian Counseling and Life Coaching. God knows what I need !). I purchased them from Eagle Guardian LLC itself. However, Sandy from Allergy Antidote does great classes and sharing on how to use them! And I am grateful to her for doing that, as It has helped me a lot. Here are the sites that you can get yours too if you are interested.

For now.

I will write more soon 🙂 I have more things and self-care tools I would like to share.

Take care and keep well.

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TOUCH for HEALTH I (launch of Online Class)

(ONLINE – ON ZOOM)Open to overseas participants

New date : 16 & 17 Oct 2021 (10am to 6pm)

This is the class where you learn proper muscle testing technique, that you can then use of testing supplements, oils etc*

What is 𝕋𝕠𝕦𝕔𝕙 𝕗𝕠𝕣 ℍ𝕖𝕒𝕝𝕥𝕙? (by my teacher Matthew Thie)

Prerequisite: none

𝗧𝗼𝘂𝗰𝗵 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗛𝗲𝗮𝗹𝘁𝗵 𝗟𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗹 𝟭 is for laypeople and health professionals. You will learn the art of muscle testing and the basic procedure to balance the body’s muscles and acupuncture meridians as presented in Dr. John Thie’s book, Touch for Health.You will learn:To increase your energy levelReduce stress and painIncrease mental clarityEnhance immune system functionThe basic balancing system includes:How to test and correct 14 muscles/meridians, including the spinal reflexes, neurolymphatic reflexes, neurovascular points, and meridiansYou will learn how to assess nutritional support for the musclesHow to effectively reduce emotional stress and pain by touch.

Sign up link here :…/tfh-course-brief/

See what students say about Touch for Health classes

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